A city for artists from all over the world

France has established itself as one of the world's leading arts and culture powerhouses.
Among them, Paris is loved as the city of art, and is a dream destination for artists from all over the world to hold solo exhibitions.
From houses to various buildings, parks, and streets, the landscape itself is a work of art with historical value based on thorough aesthetics, and art is alive with ordinary daily life such as commuting to school and shopping.

Bookstore situation in France

Bookstores in Paris are divided into independent bookstores such as Shakespeare and Company, which have particular tastes, and chain stores such as FNAC, which are run by major companies. Is not ...
This is the result of successful government measures to control e-book pricing and ban online bookstores from offering free shipping.
As a phenomenon that symbolizes the city of art, while bookstores in Japan are forced to close one after another, several bookstores specializing in art will open in Paris even after 2020. From classics to cutting-edge contemporary art, art book stores are popping up one after another, with books selected by curators just like in an art museum.
In addition, Paris, which functions as a venue for art book fairs such as Polycopies, is also a sacred place for the world's leading book lovers.

French art magazine

There are far more art magazines published in France than in Japan, with more than 10 types of typical ones and more than 20 types overall. This is a big difference from Japan, where the only art magazine that is generally recognized is Bijutsu Techo.
The assortment of books at bookstores varies greatly depending on the store, and kiosks tend to be more extensive and easier to obtain. The art magazines available vary depending on the store, and whether or not you can find your favorite art magazine depends on your luck.
Bookstores such as "RELAY" that are integrated with convenience stores in airports have a wide variety of magazines, and there are quite a few aficionados who go out of their way to visit them.
Not limited to art magazines, most French magazines and books are sold only in physical stores, and online bookstores such as Amazon sell only a limited number of them.

French art magazines
●Pratique des Arts
●Univers des Arts
●Ateliers d'Art
●Connaissance des arts

Birth of République des Arts

The longevity of French art magazines is not only protected by national policy, but also a phenomenon of the art capital.
There are three reasons why this magazine is focused on distribution in Paris, the center of France where many art magazines are crowded. It is recognized on a global scale, and the soil in which the value of art is correctly evaluated is in place.
While partly following distribution routes such as bookstores and kiosks, this magazine will continue to expand its distribution and sales network through its own routes.
For example, we will distribute a large number of books to bookstores and shops in tourist attractions such as the Champs-Élysées and the Opera area, and a small number of copies to museums, museums and tourist facilities.
We have also expanded our sales network to some bookstores in the Loire region.
There are facilities that sell them and facilities that distribute them for free, and the free distribution facilities tend to run out of stock quickly.

Featured Japanese Artists

In recent years, the popularity of Japan has increased in France, and the interest in traditional culture, the latest culture, and cuisine has spread, and a lot of information is sought. In light of this situation, we have decided to devote a page to introducing Japan in this magazine.
Since it is an art magazine, it will focus on art, but we will also introduce local Japanese culture, which is difficult to gather information in France, and the beautiful climate of Japan that is not known.
Introducing Japanese culture in today's France will attract more interest and attention from readers, and it will be an opportunity for many people to see and learn about the work.
Also, among the many French art magazines, there are very few that deal with Asian artists. In rare cases, special features are organized, but the situation is highly biased.
Now is the time to increase the momentum to introduce Japanese art. And now, the popularity of art photobooks is increasing all over the world, and it is remarkable in Paris. Due to the popularity of art magazines that are collections of works, this magazine will focus on introducing works.