Distributed in Paris

Publication Guide

■Dear Sir

welcome to the Art Republic.
In order to introduce excellent Japanese art in France, I served as one of the selection committee members.
The art of the world has recently become popular in France, and Art works published on social media are often the focus of attention.
Compared to France, where there are many abstracts, art in the world is truly diverse. Unlike France, there are many art works in the world that exude human kindness, warmth, and intimacy.
I am very honored to be able to convey the warm national character and cultural mindset to France.

Françoise ICART
President of Artec, Lecturer in Philosophy

■ About posting works

It is an important activity for artists to present their works in Paris, the center of world art, where excellent artists have gathered for a long time and produced great artists who will go down in art history.
Even if you have participated in group exhibitions in the past, you will have more opportunities to catch your eye by presenting many works over multiple times instead of just once or twice.
There are no similar art magazines distributed through a special route like this magazine, and it will be the only one in France.
Please use it as a place of activity.

■ Applying

Publication is subject to review. (common to artists all over the world)
After contacting the Japanese office, please send us an image of the work by e-mail.
To apply, please contact us using the inquiry form on the menu or by email.

■ Publication space

A two-page spread is the standard.
Depending on the number of works, we may ask for 1 page, 4 pages, etc.

■ Art Work criticism

French curators, art lecturers, university professors, etc. will write short reviews.

■ Distribution

Destination of this magazine Bookstores, kiosks, galleries, museums, art-related facilities.
*Not all facilities in Paris. As with regular books, some facilities may not be available depending on the area.
*The number of copies distributed and installed varies from 5 to 30 depending on the facility.
*There are facilities that sell them and facilities that distribute them for free.

Below is an example
Kiosque Villeval (Champs Elysées) 20 copies free distribution
KIOSQUE JAY MICHELE PRESSE (Opera District) 5 copies sold for a fee
*Inventory will be replenished periodically, but distribution will end when inventory in the warehouse runs out.

■Posting fee paid by the artist

*There is a fee for posting artwork.
◎ 2 Page : 80,000 yen
◎ 4 Page : 140,000 yen
Up to 4 artworks can be posted on 2 pages.
However, 2 artworks are recommended to introduce the image in a large size.
We can also introduce your face photo and profile.

■ Published work

After confirming the publication, please send the image of the work by e-mail.
* Supported formats : JPEG, PNG, SVG, eps, ai, webp

▼Please send images of your Art work with your profile to the email address below.
Up to 100MB per email. If the file exceeds 100MB, please send it in multiple batches.

■ Privileges for publishers

We will present 3 copies of the magazine.
I enclose photographs of some of the facilities distributed and a Japanese translation of the commentary.

The button below cannot be used because the application has not yet been accepted.
Please contact me by email.